Because music is en endless connection as passion ressains unlimited between musicians and composers. We only plan a humane meeting.

Behind each note, each instrument, human beings appear. Music is a real language which makes possible the assembly of differences and this universal language enables trips whose mind only knows the destination.

It’s in this train we wish to take you away; you will travel from more and more amazing cars: sometimes string, wind and percussion, these instruments will give rhythm to your multi-faceted trip.

Digresk group with its celtic-electro-rock music join to the Philarmonic Orchestra of Loire-Atlantique whose conductor is Philippe Hui couldn’t fail to impress you.

We enthusiastically offer an original programm in which classical music fans – but also traditional music – will share the same pleasure.

Philippe Hui-Chef-d'orchestre

Philippe Hui, conductor

Interested in all expressions of my art, symphonic ballet…
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La Philharmonie des Deux Mondes

La Philharmonie des Deux Mondes

The Philharmonie of Two Worlds was created by Philippe Nazairien Hui…
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Digresk - Alkeemia


An open door to all styles, trends, Digresk mixes…
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Alkeemia LIVE – 2017 –

Discover, listen, dance to live Alkeemia …
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